PO Box 981; Houston, TX 77001      (281) 912-3896

To provide financial assistance and service in helping a diverse population of students reach their higher education goals


In 1995, twelve members of the Men's Ministry of Antioch Missionary Baptist Church (Dave Fedrick, Willie Hall, James Burton, Raymond Bennet, Marcus May, Jay Hampton, Phillip Thorne, Kenneth Cole, J. T. McCulough, Vincent Griggs, Nathanial Stover and Earl Jimmison, under the leadership of Pastor Nathan Johnson) set out to create a way to support the acheivements and aspirations of High School graduates toward higher education.  They began a scholarship fund to help defray students' costs of attending their chosen College or University.

Along with other members of Antioch Missionary Baptist Church (AMBC), their fund raising efforts included starting an annual scholarship breakfast and golf tournament that would make this cause a tradition and reliable resource for Houston's youth. In 2004, that which began as a fund was formalized into a separate dedicated charitable organization: Antioch Educational Services Foundation, Inc. (AESF). And in 2021, after a quarter of century, AESF began its new chapter in service under the name Accelerating Educational Success for the Future, Inc.

AESF is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization committed to providing financial assistance in helping students reach their higher education goals. Never wavering from its purpose, it continually awards scholarships to qualified students based on their academic accomplishments, communication skills and community service.